Sometimes professional photography can't be factored in to the family budget. I get it! Budgets are tight at the moment! But that doesn't mean you need to let those memories slip you by!

Read on for a "how to" in taking photos at home.

1. Hang up a sheet to block out the distractions in the background. Pin it up on the wall or jimmy a stand for it. Use what you have.

2. Use natural light. Sit in the window to get the best light and turn off all artificial lighting. My window is easterly facing, but shot at 1pm, so the light wasn’t direct. But have a play with the light.

3. Self timer. I use a Canon 6Dii and the Canon app on my phone. This helps me adjust the settings and composition without having to move. You can also set a self timer on your phone, or in the Lightroom app. I would suggest using the Lightroom app as it will take a RAW photo, allowing better editing control.

4. Expose for the highlights. On your iPhone, you can turn down the exposure/brightness by tapping the screen where you want it to focus, and slide the little sun down until your skin isn’t BRIGHT. On a DSLR, adjust your settings. Mine were 1/200, f 2.8, iso 200. These were shot with my 24-70, at 50mm.

5. Edit to your liking! I edited these with Ocean from the Heirloom Pack, by @storykeeper_co on the @lightroom app for mobile.

Alternatively, let me shoot for you. Virtual sessions available, from anywhere in the world. We can create these images in your home. All you need is someone to hold your phone. Simples!

Click the image below to view my reel and see how I created the image at home!