Pregnancy is an incredible journey for every woman. It is a time filled with excitement, wonder, and anticipation as you prepare to bring new life into the world. Your body goes through so many changes, and you may not recognise yourself anymore. But it is completely OK! As a mum, I can appreciate the joys and struggles that come with growing a human. if you have been sitting on the fence about getting some memories captured, here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a maternity photo shoot.

1. Boost Your Confidence

 Pregnancy can be a challenging time for your self-esteem. Your body is changing rapidly, and it can be tough to feel comfortable with your appearance. During my maternity sessions, I strive to help you feel more confident and beautiful. Remember, I don't come with that little voice in your head (you know the one I am talking about). When I look at you, I see an absolute superwoman, doing incredible things with her body. I want to remind you of the beauty of the pregnancy experience, no matter the path you took to get here.

2. Preserve the Memories

 Believe it or not, pregnancy is a fleeting moment in time that you will want to remember forever. I remember when I was pregnant with my second baby - she was breech in the third trimester and I had a toddler to run around after. I was in pain and it just wasn't enjoyable. I didn't want to wish the time away, but I kinda did. Despite the discomfort I felt, I am SO glad I invested in those photos. When I look at them, I am instantly transported back to that moment, discomfort and all. But mostly, I remember the excitement I felt. The photoshoot felt like a closing chapter on the pregnancy, one of the last things I needed to do before bubs arrived.

During my sessions, I want to preserve those memories for you. When your child is older, you can show them pictures of when they were growing inside your belly, helping them understand how much they were loved even before they were born.

3. Create Artistic Imagery

 Maternity photography has evolved into a form of art. I love to capture your body and accentuate all the (right) curves. We can get as creative as you like and show as much skin as you're comfortable with. Remember, these images are for YOU, not for my Instagram. MY maternity shoots are driven by my own memories of pregnancy, and capturing you in a way that makes you look like the bomb ass mumma you are!

4. Share with Friends and Family for years to come

You know how our parents and grandparents have said all our lives "time flies as you get older".... well (unfortunately) they were right! I cannot tell you how FAST time has sped up since I had kids. Like, it is actually criminal! Time is a thief.

Once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, it's like the universe hits the fast forward button, and your pregnancy bump is quickly transported into the past.

Preserving these memories, this tiny moment in time, you can relive and share your pregnancy with family and friends for years to come. There is something fun about a Facebook or Instagram memory to brighten your day. Or, if you are anything like me, cringe at the vernacular we used circa 2008 (Looking at you with your emo phase XD).

You can even use the photos to create announcement cards or nursery décor. A photo of your bump is a perfect addition to the nursery #shelfie.

5. Think of it like this...

It isn't lost on me just how different pregnancy and conception journeys can be for everyone. It’s a time to acknowledge the beauty and strength of your body as it grows and nurtures new life. The experience can be incredibly empowering as you embrace your changing body and connect with your unborn child.

Now, when was the last time you got professional photos done? Your wedding?

If you're like me, I had never had professional photos done before my first maternity shoot. I had NO idea what I was doing, but I am so thankful my photographer, Alana from Folk Photography guided me as beautifully as she did. So trust me when I say, I GET IT. I am a natural introvert with extrovert tendencies. I freeze in front of the camera. It is TOTALLY OK to feel awkward, shy, lost. When you book a session with me, we hang out, have a laugh, and celebrate you as the goddess you are!

As a mum, I know that pregnancy is a time to be treasured whether this is your first or tenth time around. It can be hard to feel confident in your new body, but I promise that the right outfit will highlight your incredible body! Feel free to contact me, and I’d be honoured to share with you my client wardrobe, or help pick a stunning outfit for the occasion.

If maternity photography is something you've been thinking about, you can check out my investment page, or you can contact me and we can have a chat about what you're after.


There are a few ways you can book. You can book right online using this tab which leads you to my online booking calendar. However, not all available dates are on that calendar so if you need a different date, send me an email! You can reach me at

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